Manspeak 2.0

June 15, 2020 20/40
Manspeak 2.0
Show Notes

In this episode Jen and Kirstie have invited their friends Eddie Williams and Brent Ford to join them to discuss how men think, talk and feel.

10 discoveries -
1) Men gossip more that we realise
2) Dating app stats are extraordinary
3) Men worry about what women talk about with other women
4) Brent and Eddie seek out women for advice on personal stuff more than a male friend
5) Sporting analogies work for personal life too
6) Men prefer not to ask questions in classrooms or similar environments
7) Dating via Zoom is a thing
8) They both thought the biggest drama queens they knew were men!
9) Frank honesty rather than niceness created the biggest (and most positive) change
and 10) Men overthink too!

20/40 is a podcast celebrating conversations and friendship across generations. Your podcast hosts are Kirstie Fitzpatrick (the 20 something) and Jen Seyderhelm (the 40 something). Kirstie and Jen met while working in the media. Initially their catch ups were defined by work roles which required sharing current affairs and news with each other. It didn't take long before they found they were seeking each other out on personal matters - relationships, family, social life, health, work and more. They discovered an abundance in common and the twenty year age gap a bonus rather than hindrance.

Kirstie and Jen would love your feedback, thoughts and ideas towards future 20/40 podcasts. You can contact them via their Facebook page 20/40 or email twentydashforty@gmail.com. Warmest thanks to Eddie and Brent for their openness and ongoing friendship.

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